A joint cooperation agreement

The Cooperation Foundation for Conflict Resolution and Dawaer Association have signed a joint cooperation agreement, whereby the terms of the agreement provide for strengthening the bonds of cooperation between the two institutions in the cultural, academic, research, and training fields, focusing on issues of civil peace and resolving societal conflicts in a manner that serves the orientations and needs of the Palestinian and Lebanese civil society. During the work to develop proposals and search for joint projects on civil society issues in the Arab reality, with a focus on civil issues in both the State of Lebanon and the State of Palestine.

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جمعية دوائر تصنع ألعابا للاطفال تساعد على فهم حقوق الإنسان

“Dawaer” association, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs – Chiyah Center, launched a training workshop at the center under the title “Games for Human Rights”.

Hate Speech Toolkit

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