Dawaer Foundation is a nongovernmental, nonprofit and nonpartisan organization established in 2015 by a team of dedicated activists who build on their extensive and diverse experience to achieve a democratic peaceful society, respectful of human rights.


Dawaer envisions a society where youth and children are valued, resilient and protected from violence and abuse whilst supported to reach their goals and thrive.


Dawaer is committed to strengthen the resilience of children and youth and inspire their independent thinking and critical analysis to ensure their protection from violence to become agents of change. To pursue its mission, Dawaer focuses its programming to enhance social stability and inclusion among and between communities, implement protection mechanisms targeting children and youth and lead on educational activities, mental health interventions and media literacy programs.


Dawaer is committed to:


Dawaer adopts, in all its interventions, an interactive and human rights-based approach, in addition to conflict and gender sensitivity to ensure inclusion of all target groups. Through our collaborative approach, broad outreach and networks with the Ministry of Social Affairs, civil society organizations, educational institutions, local governments, key stakeholders and communities at large, Dawaer implements projects focusing on:



Mrs. Rania Zaatari has an international master's degree in business administration (MBA), a BS in Social Health and community development, a Diploma in Community Health, a European Diploma in Mediation & Negotiation and a Diploma in development and organization of Mental Health Services. She has extensive experience in planning and launching social and health campaigns and designing and implementing citizenship programs. Rania has previously worked as a consultant for various local and international organizations and is currently a Health Bureau Director, a university instructor, a trainer, and a national surveyor for the on-site surveys of the Primary Healthcare Accreditation.

Mrs. Rania Zaatari is a founding member of “Dawaer”, a Lebanese NGO committed to increasing the resilience of children and youth Read More
rania zaatari

Rouba Abo Ammo has a BA in Journalism. Throughout the past 16 years, Rouba has worked in diverse Lebanese and Arab newspapers and websites covering various social themes on child and human rights and justice, in addition to other international political subjects. In addition, she worked as a media consultant for local and international organizations. Rouba is currently a trainer on media literacy, hate speech, and mobile journalism.

Rouba Abo Ammo is a founding member of “Dawaer”, a Lebanese NGO committed to increasing the resilience of children and youth. Read More

Lama El Awad has a master’s degree in environmental management and is an activist striving for the achievement of environmental and civil rights in Lebanon. She is currently a trainer on child rights and peacebuilding and advocates for causes related to human rights, gender equity, diversity, and peace. She has contributed to the launching of peacebuilding units at the municipal level and to campaigns aiming at influencing public policies such as the reform of the civic education curriculum in Lebanon and ending child marriage.

Lama El-Awad is a founding member of “Dawaer”, a Lebanese NGO committed to increasing the resilience of children and youth. Read More