Hate Speech Toolkit

Based on a growing demand for clear guidance on identifying “hate speech,” and for responding to the challenges ‘hate speech’ poses within a human rights framework. This project was launched, in order to enhance the partnership between three organizations; Dawaer Foundation in Lebanon, Ta’aown in Palestine and an expert representing Jordan. A regional cooperation is formed and enhanced among organizations in Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan under this project.

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Working on a toolkit that will be a guide to equipping young people with the competences necessary to recognize and deal with stereotypes and run online dialogues that act against hate speech and adopt inclusive approaches to different types of conflicts and stereotypes promote to peace and embrace diversity. The toolkit was guided by the principle that coordinated and focused action taken to promote the rights to freedom of expression and equality is essential for fostering a tolerant, pluralistic and diverse democratic society in which all human rights can be realized for all people. Through a variety of exercises, the toolkit tackles issues such as stereotypes, discriminatory attitudes, bullying and hate speech, and encourages youth to accept the differences and value the diverse society. The toolkit is intended for youth between (20-30) years in Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan.

This toolkit produced based on the needs of youths who are activists in the social media through focus group discussions where they expressed their opinions related to this issue and how they share together how they can reduce hate speech. Participants developed their skills in planning, developing and implementing activities on human rights education and hate speech, increased their knowledge on the No Hate Speech

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