Mobile Journalism Program

Empowering youth and enhancing self-expression are two main aspects of Dawaer’s work. One of the main tools in the current digital era is Mobile Journalism. According to mobile journalism manual, Mobile journalism is a form of digital storytelling where the primary device used for creating and editing images, audio and video is a smartphone. Moreover, for reporters, it is “a new workflow for media storytelling where reporters are trained and equipped for being fully mobile and fully autonomous”.

Dawaer trains youth from different backgrounds to benefit from their mobiles to express themselves and tell stories about their communities. Youth are trained on photo and video shooting techniques, editing applications via mobile, and storytelling. Until 2018, more than 80 youth across different regions in Lebanon were trained to produce photo and video stories that reflected their aspirations, problems, and relationship with their communities. Most of them felt responsible and able to take roles in their communities, after their voices were heard.

Along with journalists, Dawaer trains young journalists and professionals on mobile journalism as it is an easy, cheap, flexible and enhances democracy and freedom of expression, and in order to keep up with the digital era. Universities are also a main target to merge this subject within journalism curriculum.

Mobile journalism