Protection program

Mental Health & Psychosocial Wellbeing

Dawaer offers mental health and psychosocial support to children and adolescents in a creative and participatory manner that relies on games and art therapy. In addition, dawaer provides other interactive activities that help participants link psychological and social processes based on the framework of mental health and psychosocial support pyramid that is required to address the needs of individuals, families, and communities in all contexts. Through our intervention, we work on building positive relationships with others, providing self-empowerment, independence, personal growth and a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Positive Parenting

The parenting counseling intervention is designed to enhance positive communication between parents and children, prevent and respond to emotional, behavioral and developmental challenges with youngsters. The intervention consists of sessions for youth complemented by sessions for caregivers to promote their understanding of the challenges children are facing and provide them with skills to support a healthy transition from childhood to adulthood.


The program is based on child development research and the need to create a safe and healthy environment for children and youth. Our strategies focus on promoting inclusion and acceptance, preventing and responding to bullying and cyber-bullying through working with educational institutions, parents, children and communities.
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