Support for Peace Building Committees in Mount Lebanon

بالتعاون مع

UNDP and the Ministry of Social Affairs.

مدة المشروع

سنة واحدة 2018-2019


جبل لبنان؛ الشياح ، بعقلين ، كترمايا ، الناعمة ، بيصور ، كيفون ، سبلين ، جبيل.

أهداف المشروع

In order to help enhance social cohesion and instill non-violent conflict resolution skills among refugees and host communities, Dawaer partnered up with UNDP and the Ministry of Social Affairs to support 8 already established and running “Peace Building Committees” in the villages of Mount Lebanon.

By revising action plans, developing the capacities of the committee members and ensuring that all activities and training planned are conflict and gender sensitive, these committees were better able to implement their mechanisms and engage youth, women, refugees and host communities in creating an atmosphere supportive of social stability and cohesion.

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